Hello everyone

On shivratri, there was a meeting of swami ji with his devotees.

But I realised it was not just a meeting but launching of an app.

One day my mother was doing abhishekam of Lord Krishna and I found it very interesting.

I requested her that can I do this one day too please?

Then next day she gave me the phone, opened the app for me and I did the abhishekam of Lord Krishna.

Since then I am doing abhishekam everyday of different god and goddesses. I have done abhishekam of Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga, Shri Hari, Surya Dev. Also I did japa of lord Ganesha and Yagna of Sri Hari.

Sometimes I do more than one abhishekam also but mommy gets angry for my screen time. So the second one I do is for only 4 minutes only.

I absolutely love this app and the songs in this, specially the lord Shiva and Sri Hari one. I find it fun as it looks like game of abhishekam for lord. I feel happy when lord gets dressed up very well.

Now I know what all are offered to god while doing abhishekam.  Water, yoghurt, honey, milk, fragrant water, fragrant oil, gangajal, meal, gems, gold, betel nut, paan, bell, incense and the lamps.

Now I can open the app on my own and choose my deity to worship. This is an easy app to operate.

There is also a hut of my mother in the app which has a small temple with photo of Swami ji and Lord Krishna. I love moving the lamp there for Nitya pooja.

I am sure when I grow up I will use this app more for worshiping god.

Thank you swami ji for making this app. I love it a lot. You are very cute.

Do you all use this app? Who is your favorite lord?

Abhi Bye Bye