The best way to meditate and do spiritual practices is early morning when most family members are asleep and our schedules do not criss cross each other’s.Following this rule i usually get up at 5.6 am ( the body needs atleast 6.30 minutes sleep,if whole family does sleep befor 12am i can’t manage sleeping prior to this). Since my son’s school bus comes at 6.30 am ,i have to prepare his school tiffin,fill his water bottle as well peel his almonds and make his cold cofee.Also  for our physical well being i need to drink a litter of warm water with lemon and aelovera and use the wash room.All this takes atleast 45 minutes, in between i wake up my son and direct him to hygienically and mindfully brush his teeth and get ready for school after a ultra scrubbed bath and combed hair aswell wear polised shoe. Still in between all this i squeeze in 5 minutes of lotus of gratitude and black Lotus meditation session as soon as I get up meditating on beloved Swami ji. Since schools have re opened after 2 years of forced pandemic break my 1 hour walk includes chanting atleast for half an hour on Sadhna app and half an hour spiritual discourse. Once back its bathing , lighting Jyot in altar and my fruit  breakfast time! Then it’s time to direct the house help for chores of cutting,chopping and cleaning! Soon its inlaws instructions that i follow, finishing which i join my husband for a pre court on dining table! Now is the time for staff and my daughter to come at intervals and seek my attention,which i try to give( sometimes unsuccessfully) ! After cooking afternoon lunch admist watching my favourite historical shows, cleaning staff,guard calling for courier information,now my son is back from school and i give him hot lunch! Then it’s dadi Nani lunch time and now Papa is back from court and demands neembu soda! In between i shop groceries ( maybe online now too) or wash clothes in machine or at times take either senior citizen to some dentist/ orthopaedic! I never ever tried to read Ancient Science of mantras book for i never had inclination or courage ever to do any Pooja! Infact my maternal house had no altar too and too much strictness on how to keep Jyot batti straight in Sasural made me loose interest in Pooja.Now with Swami ji aseem kripppa giving us sadhna app i have dared to do some sadhna first time. But in Between my mom each day needs to talk to me at same time ( every time i tell i m doing Pooja,it seems i m avoiding her), the tenant we have recently given mom’s house too wants to tell me all works to be done that time only calling on phone ( if i don’t take the call it seems i m shrugging responsibility of doing the work), my husband who speaks very less usually wants to share some important news as one goodie bag worth things free on August 15th that time only( if i don’t pick the call he gets really upset and puzzled on our well being) ,i tried to re do the Sadhna again! Sadna app doesn’t give that option! Sometimes watching t.v or using internet i feel so trapped and useless, misusing my time ,i want to help my people at Aiims center 2 hours a day ,but with senior citizens i better be Home! Yes i m a house holder.