The journey continues and we reach Ambala City Railway Station which is famous for its chole-kulche but we rarely eat them because they are not that much hygienic. After that we  reach Saharanpur and it is usually a 3.5 hours of a sweating journey from Ludhiana (as we usually travel in June  and that too in a general compartment and not your usual A.C. Chair Car). Usually my Mama comes to receive us but when he is busy then we travel by the humble rickshaw or electric auto to my Nani Ghar. The moment i step on the verandah of my Nani Ghar,i start feeling like How Shah Rukh Khan feels when he gets off the helicopter in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gum. Although, i am not welcomed with a pooja ki thali(if you are imagining that) but i touch my Nani’s feet,she hugs me and asks about my well-being and i ask about her health etc.,we are welcomed with the super charging lemonade along with some snacks. My mother is the the most happy soul amongst us on reaching her mother’s home because she is treated like a princess in my Nani Ghar. Then, subsequently as the day passes, Nana ji comes from work around 6 in the evening and we all take his blessings. I also meet my mami, my cousins and ask about their well being. My Mama always comes home at last from work and he usually come with gifts and brings home some delicious food for us. We talk, enjoy the good food and have a great time together. After that, we call it a night and I go to sleep reminiscing about today’s train journey from Ludhiana to Saharanpur.