In the morning,we get ready to catch a bus to Haridwar from the Bus Adda and it’s a lot more chaotic than boarding a train.

After having the breakfast and saying our goodbyes to Nani’s family, we go to the Bus Adda on electric Autos. The moment the Bus Adda is in walking distance, large buses starts coming out of the entrance of bus adda, some buses overtakes our auto from behind. When we get out of auto and collect our luggage to get inside the bus adda,we have to be extra cautious and also together because any bus can come towards us from behind or front. After a lot of asking questions from bus conductors, looking at boards of buses to see if Saharanpur- Haridwar is written on it or not and with a lot of mindful listening to one bus conductor saying ‘Haridwar-Haridwar-Haridwar’ amongst a crowd of bus conductors saying different destination’s names ranging from ‘Dilli-Dilli-Dilli’ to ‘Dehradun-Dehradun-Dehradun’ etc., we finally finds the bus that will take us to Sri Hari Ke Dwar(i mean Haridwar). 

The condition of the bus is also to be considered first as we all know the bad state of U.P. Roadways Buses and if you don’t know then i think that you are rich enough to travel in your personal car. Anyway, after that we also have to look for the availability of seats in the bus because if there is no seat left and we have to board it then we have to go to Haridwar by standing in the whole journey by holding the support handle(like in metro). So,after looking at all these aspects,we board the bus and settle the luggage wherever we find space(because a bus is not as spacious as a train is). Then the never ending wait starts before the bus gets started as the conductor has to fill all the seats and the space to walk with people, human beings and homo sapiens. When their will be no space left even for oxygen,then the bus will start. So,finally the bus starts and leave the Bus Adda to reach Haridwar.


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