Yeah kuch alfaz jo do line mein khatam ho gaye. Pur…………….!!!!

And the ‘BUT’ continues. As life march we tend to degrade so much that our skin gets eroded by the wellbeing of life. Nothing is left to say, because the facts have just vanished. And, I feel when Sahir Luddianvi ji wrote these two lines. We can only imagine how deeply he might have lived his life that every human was just to amazing to watch.

I can just try to explain the pain which is beyond my reach. For me my way of life can trick me. About the solo void which lives in us. I have tried to explain the void in my earlier work. Somehow, the depth of it keep on expanding. You will definitely reach to a point where everything just stop’s. Because nothing changes  ‘kirdhar badlne se kya hoga? Jab kuch andhar badal jata hai toh kuch nahi rehta. Tum bhi nahi….Shunya ho jata hai’.

I’m not making any philosophy of feeling something, differently. It simple, we want the same thing in life. Just the way to reach them are different. No body is been judged. We just tend to choose wrongly sometimes. And, many times you can’t really help it. Just accept and move on. There  is no use to believe me unless and until you feel the same way; Or just trying to give it a thought that how much of his or her life energy is getting use when they are trying to explain how they feel. How unknowingly we are hurting each other. I can only hope that people should understand and hold back to their pain. By having this in their mind maybe, the other one might be suffering a bit more than me. Let me just comfort him or her with trying to understand him or her.

Which does not bring me to saying that your pain is not less. It’s like having the medicine and applying it on the other person. Over here the medicine is your pain, which can be used to understand and heal the other person sitting right beside of you. If you still want to understand my thought. Go watch ‘Chaandni Raat ‘ by Ali Sethi . It has everything we need.

Just like it when Sahir Luddianvi said these lines.