There are those who encourage the development of certain powers through meditation. There is a story of the great Saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and a tantric. One day when Ramakrishna was walking along the banks of Ganga in Dakshineshwar, a man came who claimed to be a tantric and challenged Ramakrishna that he had heard that Ramakrishna had performed great Tapas sadhana, and asked if he (Ramakrishna) had acquired any powers. Innocently Ramakrishna said, “Well brother, what have you acquired?” The tantric boasted about himself saying, “I can walk on this water with the powers.”

Again Ramakrishna asked, “How much sadhana have you done for this?”

Tantric said, “I have done forty years of tapas.” Smilingly Ramakrishna said, “What a waste of time and energy. I see every day that boatman can carry one across the River Ganga for just fifty paise.”

To meditate for such powers is a waste,  What the world needs is peace – this is the greatest miracle, and knowledge is the greatest wonder. Knowledge will make you fearless and give you everything.