Being a Sales person is not easy . I have to often lie to my clients as well as my manager . There is no time limit for sales person it could be more than 15 hrs. a day. And even when there is no work sales person has to pretend that he is keep trying to get more sales . There is no Sunday for sales department because their clients mostly contact them on Sunday for any query and you have to pretend that you are so glad that you called me .

When target is achieved manager will take all the credit and even you yourself will tell the management that it could not be possible without manager’s guidance . Manager does nothing but send you motivation quote on WhatsApp and you have to reply ” thumbs up”, ‘ thanks for the boost sir’ etc. (from inside I just give him abusive words because my skills has been better than my manager in all companies I have worked in )

Now come to HR department . They are the most free people in the company . They will motivate you with examples of Steven Jobs , Michael Phillips , Bill gates etc.  I find HR department is the most irritating department in the company . But you have to behave very politely because they manage your attendance , salary and tour expense . They often arrange party and extra events for the company but sales person are not allowed . Sales person must have to be on the field to running after the targets. 

There is no lunch or dinner time for sales person . When I ask my manager for lunch break he simply say how can you feel hungry our target is not completed yet . You should be hungry for the sale. (from inside I’m hungry to slap you tight on your face ) 

Managers start getting insecure when you are having good experience and comes in lime light in the company. Then they start playing politics taunting you over silly things and some how they manage you to resign . 

A Sales person has to behave politely with everyone weather its management , account department ( to settle claim and payment dispute) , HR department and Customer ( because he is God) . Being a Sales person you have to pamper the Ego of all kind of customer no matter if he treats you like a dirt  you still have to show him that you are the reason for the earth existence.

All these problems becomes double when you are a spiritual aspirant too  . I can’t maintain time and food discipline. Late night working disturb your sleep routine and being on tour you have to eat outside food . Still I try to follow some sadhana. Reading spiritual books and with Gods grace I even get very minor results but because lack of food discipline my health started getting so disturb (stomach ache mostly ) . So I have to leave sadhana before starting . 

Many times when my mind become so buzzed off I thought why don’t I leave all this bullshit and go to Himalayas . Himachal Pradesh is my favorite holiday spot . But whenever I apply for leave ,manager behaves like I asked him for his life and HR team will  makes you realize  that your leave could be the reason for Company’s shutdown. 

Jai Shri Hari .