Moksha, what everyone else probably wants to have.But what is this salvation?If I say in my own language, then being alone with that God is salvation.

We are all ancestors of that supreme is the child of.He created this universe and created this material world of it as well as his living children. Creatures made by the Supreme Father, His children are walking on His feet.He cannot separate himself from the Supreme Father Since that is the supreme center, all other nuclei have electronic fringes revolving around them. Everyone revolves around him till he feels that he different from them .And when they feel that I am part of that almighty. I should be with them Then he becomes one with them in this great ocean of divine nectar. And this is called Mamoksha.To merge with that Supreme God, to become one with that Paramita, this is salvation. 

Every thing has its own. Sound is the root, the sound of creation is the root, the sound of knowledge is the root, of the manifest world. Sound is the root . In this way the sound of the living entity is the root.And to meet with the same root, to meet in the same root is to attain salvation.