Ayurveda is a vast ocean. In the world where we look forward to validation from western countries for our own science, has already started incorporating our ancient principles/practices and has immensely benefitted from it. What more evidence does one need to prove that our science is already evidence based! 

 Our rishis were greatest scholars, doctors and divine beings this world has ever seen. They were able to grasp the action of the herbs/metals/gems/minerals all without an advanced labs like we have today. The taste of the herb, its potency, its post digestion taste, its action on each of the system, its special effect, the beneficial effect of herbs even with contradicting qualities, its processing, way of purification every detail is found in our ancient texts. A normal human cannot know about all these unless there are lab tests done to arrive at the conclusion of effect of any drug. That said, our rishis were truly divine beings to have knowledge of every quality and action of a drug and details of disease manifestation without any modern tools. It is much like those mathematical theorems that our great mathematician Mr.Srinivasa Ramanujan wrote which are now being understood by the scholars as the concept of black holes! The world is now busy decoding our Ayurvedic principles. Sooner or later it will be proved that it is indeed evidence based medicine!  

I have picked up few posts to include in this round up that summarizes about people who have benefitted from Ayurveda, their experiences and few Ayurvedic principles that finds its reference in traditional texts for healthy living.

A Day As Per Ayurveda

Here I have penned down some details about Ayurveda dinacharya. Key to healthy living is in following dinacharaya. As a preventive medicine, if followed diligently, promises health and longevity. Although practically not all is doable at this day and age given the fast paced life, that which is possible is definitely worth trying and benefits is certainly promised. 

An Unexpected Path to Healthy Living

The author of this post Anjulina Desai now living in US, writes about her experience with Ayurveda. After her first child birth, when she experienced few health issues that landed her at doctor’s clinic, instead of improving her health made her feel worse with all the medications that was prescribed to her. She preferred suffering than taking the medicines that worsened her condition. Soon she was directed to an article written by an Ayurveda physician and changed her life for better. She not only recovered from her issues, but went on to take up a course in Ayurveda and help all those souls who reached out to her. Go on read the post about her amazing transformation from non believer to believer of Ayurveda.

Only Action – 1% Changes Series Part 3 November Changes

The author, Sunshine has written about her longing to incorporate smaller changes in her daily routine as per Ayurveda and has made her daily to do list, that certainly looks interesting and further mentions about how to make these changes slowly in our daily life to reap long lasting benefits. Go ahead read the post and find out how to go about these changes and make your own to do list!

Ayurveda in pubmed

This article in PubMed about Ayurveda, gives a glimpse of Ayurveda about its forgotten history and principles of Indian traditional system of medicine that has survived since ages. This article contains history of Ayurveda with its reference in Nyaya, Vaisheshika and Samkya Darshana and also our ancient shastras such as Vedas. This journal also gives details on basic Ayurveda principles of Panchamahaboota and Tridosha siddhanta, Saptadhatus, and Panchakarma therapies. Go ahead and explore this abstract to understand Ayurveda in a nutshell. 

I remember one instance, where one of my friend was asked to explain Tridosha siddhanta w.r.t things that she could see around, esp the inanimate objects. I do not recall her answer now but that proves presence of Ayurveda in every aspect of our life consciously or unconsciously.

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