i have been wondering why we worship cows not other animals who can also give us milk.Even in our house the milk which we daily drink is usually from buffaloes why cant they be worshipped as mothers . Some intelligent people will say don’t eat beef just because cows are mothers and at night they would be having chicken wings party .what is the point if you can’t show compassion to the whole creation.

Some may say cow contains 33 koti devata in her but on the other hand we use her just for milk and tie her with heavy ropes..how many of us can see those 33 koti devatas daily in cows .

I was looking for the answer then while chantng guru mantra praying to harihar for the answer my conciousness moved as if i was not in my body but just i was a light then cows shining like sun appeareded there .there were thousands of them and started mooing loudly in sync which was un bearable for me then after sometime a divine sage told me to listen that moo in ‘reverse’…..the omkar the very very deep OM i heard which is unforgettable i heard when i listened to those cows in reverse….i cried with joy as it was the sound from which whole creations happened …..when creation occurs it is the divine cow who chant om …then i saw many things coming out of that cow which i can’t tell .

If a divine saint has to come in this dimension he or she prefer coming in the form of cow …motherly cow continuously chant the king of all mantras om .

In the end i will just say that if you don’t believe me it’s fine that is why i am hesitant in writing such posts publically. Also if you read it completely just comment anything i will be blessed as it will help me know that i am going in the right directions 


jai gurudev

jai hari har devi om

~A servent of all who are trying to realise .


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