When it seems like it is fully recovering , everything begins to get back to disarray, when we feel like we’re dealing with the circumstance, it escapes our control. At the point when we begin to have a real sense of security in our encompassing we live in, it is out of nowhere undependable to get out of our homes. The capriciousness, all things considered, is the thing is adding to the current pressure factor. Not having the option to be social, away from loved ones. Not having the option to do things we love to do or travel openly, go to class like we used to, not having the option to inhale the unadulterated air like it was implied all the time for us, behind the covers we disguise our actual feelings and getaway. Subduing the sensations of being presently hostage to this unsure new life. The fact of the matter is disguised behind these purported ‘defensive’ veils. Are these the very explanation we feel out of nowhere shaky? The sensations of being inconspicuous, going unrecognized, feeling unvalidated, undermined by some infection to obliterate us and kill us. We live in apprehension about kicking the bucket in the actual where the infection is as of now killing who we really are. Are these guidelines being set down to secure us or trap us? Are these new laws joining us or isolating us considerably more? Is this new world intended to hinder us or engage us? Is the present circumstance intended to relapse our development or to illuminate us? Yet, the response is inside us,that guides us, and is all that one we can trust.