Swamiji please forgive me for the mistakes/ignorance done in this post. My infinite salutations at your divine lotus feet 🙇‍♀️💐

I purchased Srimad Bhagavata and “If truth be told: a monk’s memoire”  together when i bought it around 4years back, both in kannada, so Sri Hari and Swamiji graced our home together😊🙏🏼(later even the Pooja room🙏🏼😊).  Back then, I read only Memoire and had never felt like opening 1000page scripture book(though i tried couple of times). 

Last year i decided to read one page per day from Bhagavatam before going to bed, and my son insisted that i explain him whatever i read. So this ritual has been going on since past one year, with some breaks here and there..

When Sri Devi Om ji mentioned about satsang, first thing came to my mind was about Srimad Bhagavata. I thought there must be some mention of satsang in Bhagavatam,  I am currently reading chaper 9 and so far i hadn’t come across about it. But upon little search i came to know in chapter 11 bhagwan Sri Krishna himself mentions about it.

And if you see this whole scripture is a satsang of Parikshit maharaj with Shukh Maharishi. 

Sorry for the lengthy background, without much ado let me get to the point.

Conto 11, Chapter 11 is about bhagwan Sri Krishna explaining Atma Tatva to Uddava, in that text 25 is about Satsang..

ŚB 11.11.25

सत्सङ्गलब्धया भक्त्या मयि मां स उपासिता ।

स वै मे दर्शितं सद्भ‍िरञ्जसा विन्दते पदम् ॥ २५ ॥

sat-saṅga-labdhayā bhaktyā

mayi māṁ sa upāsitā

sa vai me darśitaṁ sadbhir

añjasā vindate padam


sat — of the devotees of the Lord; saṅga — by the association; labdhayā — obtained; bhaktyā — by devotion; mayi — to Me; mām — of Me; saḥ — he; upāsitā — worshiper; saḥ — that very person; vai — undoubtedly; me — My; darśitam — revealed; sadbhiḥ — by My pure devotees; añjasā — very easily; vindate — achieves; padam — My lotus feet or My eternal abode.


One who has obtained pure devotional service by association with My devotees always engages in worshiping Me. Thus he very easily goes to My abode, which is revealed by My pure devotees.


One must live in a society of devotees, and thus automatically one will be engaged twenty-four hours a day in the various processes of devotional service, beginning with śravaṇam, kīrtanam and smaraṇam (hearing, glorifying and remembering the Lord). The pure devotees of the Lord can reveal the spiritual world by their transcendental sound vibration, making it possible for even a neophyte devotee to experience the Lord’s abode. 

Satsang: The best path to Paramapada (Lord’s abode)

Satsanga is the only suitable path to transcend the pleasures and pains of the cycle of Samsara. My grace will be upon those who follow this path. I will forever be enslaved to their will. Oh, the great bhakta Uddhava, let me quickly tell you the glory of Satsang and what is to be done to be in good Satsang.

I cannot be bound by reading of scriptures, abstinence, pranayama, philosophical reflections, devatarchana, yama, niyama, etc. Satsang is the best path for the betterment and progress of mankind.

There have been various examples of even the evil Asuras having got moksha due to Satsang. Among others, Prahlad, Vrutrasura, Bali, Sugreeva, Jamabavan, Vibheeshan, Dharmavyada, Kubje, Gopikas and Siddhas have been able to attain my supreme abode, (Paramapada) by practising Satsang.

Unfortunately, seekers and yogis who had mastered various scriptures and philosophies, who had performed charity, meditation and who had taken religious vows, in spite of their intense desire, were not able to attain my supreme abode. When I returned to my Uncle Kansa’s home, the Gopis saw me, in everything and everywhere, due to the distress caused by my separation. Knowingly or unknowingly, they accepted me as the only one that mattered, forgetting everything else in their life. So, when they left their mortal bodies, they attained my supreme abode. Such is the power of Satsang. Importantly, the secret matter of the fact is, Gopis did not realize that I am the Parmatma. But the love they had for me was pure and peerless. So, you forget everything and surrender in me. All actions performed as offerings to God, lead to my supreme abode. 

Oh Udhava, may your mind be free of illusions forever.

Ps: With my husband’s help i have translated from kannada to English from the book and initial shloka and translation is taken from https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/11/11/25/