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On The Practice Of Satsang

Sri Devi Ji, my Pranams to You, and to Swamiji. 🙏


Sri Devi Ji, this is my humble attempt to contribute to your cause. If participating in this Virtual Writing Satsang helps Your and Swamiji’s cause in any way, then I’ll also try to do my bit. So, here are my thoughts on this topic.


We all know ‘satsang’ means ‘to be in communion with Truth’. And we also chant this Vedic prayer— ‘asato ma sadgamaya’, which also means ‘lead me from Untruth to Truth’. And satsang has been a very important aspect of India’s guru-shishya parampara. Right from ancient times, the practice of satsang is ever-ongoing. Like the eternal flow of a river. 

Now, the question that my mind is trying to deal with is—how to be in constant communion with Truth? Our lives are largely invested in illusions, in untruth. And we are blind to see them. While listening to discourses of saints like Swamiji is itself a great boon, I think practicing satsang within is a must for every spiritual seeker. And I think this is what we should learn. 

One virtue which is essential in this endeavour is truthfulness. To be truthful to our nature—in thought, speech and action. That is, to not delude ourselves with false notions of life, with wrong speech and actions. You know, we lead contradictory lives. There are always two forces working within us—one that drags us to our base existence, and the other pulls us to come to the divine realm. We think one thing, but do the quite opposite of it. We say one thing, but we mean something else. A duality always exists. And I think unless we are firmly established in our truthfulness, we’ll keep tossing in this duality, which is the cause of suffering. When we are truthful, within and without, there is no contradiction, no conflict. Therefore, no suffering. Where there is no suffering, there is no untruth either. Because suffering is the very child of untruth! And this is how I think we can be in satsang within. When we live by truthfulness, we are at ease. And this is the sign of being in touch with Truth. So it seems to me. 

Swamiji is the living embodiment of truthfulness. Whatever He says, he practices that in His life. And to be in satsang, I think this virtue is absolutely non-negotiable. 

P.S: May You be successful in the task that you have set out to achieve. Sri Devi Ji, accept this post as a humble offering to your cause. 🙏

Jai Shri Hari. 

Om Sri Matre Namaha. 

Hari Om Tat Sat. 🌺

Thank you.
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