-Tusidasji has rightly said:-

बिनु सत्संग विवेक न होई। रामकृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई।।

मति कीरति गति भूति भलाई। जब जेहिं जतन जहाँ जेहिं पाई।।
सो जानब सतसंग प्रभाऊ। लोकहुँ बेद न आन उपाऊ।।

सठ सुधरहिं सतसंगति पाई। पारस परस कुधात सुहाई॥

Without Satsang there is no conscience and without the grace of God, one cannot get that.

Wherever one who has attained wisdom, fame, salvation, vibhuti, and goodness at any time, with whatever efforts, should understand that it is due to Satsang. There is no other way to get them in the Vedas and in the world. 

Even the wicked are reformed by the company of Saints, just as iron becomes pleasant by the touch of Paras (becomes gold).

– If one discusses 24 hours, 365 days yet the glory of Satsang cannot be said. 

तात स्वर्ग अपबर्ग सुख धरिअ तुला एक अंग।
तूल न ताहि सकल मिलि जो सुख लव सतसंग॥

असित-गिरि-समं स्यात् कज्जलं सिन्धु-पात्रे ।
सुर-तरुवर-शाखा लेखनी पत्रमुर्वी ।।
लिखति यदि गृहीत्वा शारदा सर्वकालं ।
तदपि तव गुणानामीश पारं न याति ।।

Even if all the pleasures of heaven and salvation are placed in one pan of the scale, all of them together (kept on the other side) cannot be equal to the happiness that comes from the Satsang of a second (moment).

If the ocean is made an inkstand, the ink of a black mountain is put in it, the branch of the tree of Kalpavriksha is made into a pen and the earth is made of paper and Goddess Saraswati herself describes qualities of Satsang day and night, even then it is not possible to fully explain it.


In today’s modern era advancement is coming in everything and after a pandemic all things are changed, thus a need arises to change the way of Satsang also. That’s why  “Geeta Baal Sanskar Shivir” has come up with Online Satsang. One can join it anywhere, according to his comfortable time.

Below is the details of that:-

Satsang 2


First Install Zoom Application (If using Mobile):- for that click Here

After That 

1. Enter by giving Meeting ID :- 8159144349


 Direct Link to Join  :- Click Here

2. Enter Passcode:- narayan

Timings:- 4:55 A.M. , 3:00 P.M., 9 P.M.

Satsang 3

Namo Narayan 🙏🙏

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