Save Soil

A Poem Supporting Sadhguru’s Save Soil Movement.

I suppose everyone knows Sadguru. He is the founder of Isha Foundation in Tamilnadu. He is going to launch a mega movement—Save Soil—to spread massive awareness about the degrading condition of Earth’s soil across the world. In support of this movement, I am penning down this poem. You may too spread awareness in your own ways. Let’s join hands to save our soil. Soil is Life. We must take care of our soil. 🙏


🍁 Save Soil


This body of flesh and bone

Every living species

Mountains and rivers

Nations and societies

—All spring from soil

And merge back into it.

In its womb we live;

Like a Mother it treats. 


When soil gets dry,

Turns into desert,

Trees die; and lack of water

Starts to parch every heart.

With soil and water gone,

Life becomes hell.

Famines break out

Deaths only swell.

Before it’s too late

Let’s take care of our soil.

Let’s plant more and more trees 

And with our toil

Turn the whole world

Blue and green.


Temperatures are rising

Glaciers are melting

Water’s getting scarce 

Day by day.

If not now,

When should we act

To save our Earth,

Our only home, only stay?


Save trees, save water, save the soil.

The future is in our hands.

Let’s not spoil

This moment. Let’s Save Soil. 

P.S: You can visit the Conscious Planet website for more information, and to join this movement. Here it is:
Thank you.
Image Credit: Save Soil Facebook page.

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