Keep calm
And go on
Not blind
And never gone

Save the smiles
Spend the laughter
Share the fortune
never know what’s after

Save the words
Spend the graces
Share the pictures
Brighten the faces

Save the intentions
Spend the deeds
Share the connections
To the smiling seeds

Save the vision
Spend the strength
Share the power
That never end

Save the lesson
Spend the moral
Share the glory
That’s never mortal

Save the light
Spend the journey
Share the memories
Playing life’s tourney

Save the dark
Spend the night
Share the insight
That’s how we light

Save the time
Spend the moments
Share the shine
That’s the adventure he meant

Save the stories
Spend the summary
Share the ideas
To fight the contrary

Save the thoughts
Spend the actions
Share the rewards
That’s a good traction

Save the people
Spend the bad
Share the good
Life will be glad

Save the love
Spend the life
Share the delicacy
That’s how to be nice!