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Stop Water Waste
It’s easier
than you think!

Residential Water Use Efficiency
Water is essential to our health, our communities, our
environment, and our economy. As our state
population grows, the demand for water will continue
to rise. Not only must water systems ensure a safe and
clean supply of water, but they also must ensure that
there is enough water available to supply their
customers every day of the year. Water is a shared resource. Other uses include
agriculture, fish habitat, industry, hydropower, and
recreation. All of these uses add up and can put
enormous pressure on local water supplies, especially
during summer when the demand is highest.
Depleting reservoirs and groundwater can put water
supplies, human health, and the environment at
serious risk. Lower water levels can contribute to
higher concentrations of natural or human pollutants.
Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at
safe levels, protecting human health and the
The tips you’ll find within this brochure are designed
to not only save water, but also save you money on
your water, energy/gas, and wastewater bills. Maybe all
Eliminating Waste Makes Sense
Public water systems are the second largest water user
in the state. They use about 18% annually of the total
amount of freshwater withdrawn from surface and
groundwater sources. By comparison, agriculture uses
about 60% of the state’s water every year, while
industry and hydropower use about 8%.
A lot of hard work goes into providing the water
coming out of your tap every day. When the
Department of Health adopted new water efficiency
regulations in 2007, many water systems took notice
and began to re-think their water use efficiency. Now
more than ever, they are taking action to find and fix
leaks in their water distribution system and eliminate
The average person unknowingly wastes
up to 30 gallons of water every day.
Think of “water efficiency” as a way to eliminate
wasteful water practices and promote the long-term
goal of saving water. Wasteful water practices are
unnecessary and cost you money.
By making just a few small changes to your daily
routine, you can save a significant amount of water,
money, and preserve water supplies for the future.
As a customer of a water utility, think about:
 How much water is necessary for a specific
purpose or task.
 How you can help minimize the impact of water
use on local water supplies.
Ask yourself what you can do to eliminate wasteful
practices and use only what you need!
 Is your toilet leaking or faucet dripping?
If yes, then stop wasting water and fix it right
away—or have someone fix it for you.
 Do you leave the water on when brushing your
teeth or doing the dishes?
If yes, make a conscious decision to stop wasting
water. Change your habits and turn it off.
 Are you watering your lawn too often?
If you’re not sure, evaluate how much water your
lawn needs and adjust watering times.
 Did you really need that much water to
accomplish the task?
No matter what it is you’re doing, always ask
yourself if you need that much water. Stop wasting
Water Waste Adds Up
Drops Turn Into Gallons
Count the number of drops in 30 seconds to see
how many gallons is wasted.
1 Day 1 Year
5 drops 0.8 292
10 drops 1.6 584
15 drops 2.4 876
20 drops 3.2 1,168
25 drops 4 1,460
30 drops 4.8 1,752
Go Green
Reduce Energy and Water Use
It takes a lot of energy to treat and deliver the water to
everyone in your community. Considerable amounts of
energy also go to heat water for laundry, bathing,
cooking, dishwashing, and cleaning our homes. Homes
with electric water heaters use 25% of their electricity
to heat water.
We use about 4% of the nation’s electricity
consumption moving or treating water and
Look for the WaterSense Label
WaterSense is a program sponsored by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency. Much like the
ENERGY STAR symbol for energy-efficient products
and practices, WaterSense is the symbol for waterefficient products, services, and practices.
WaterSense helps consumers identify products that
meet EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and
performance. WaterSense labeled products use 20%
less than standard products.
Best of all, they work!
All WaterSense labeled
products have been tested to
ensure savings and
performance. Look for
WaterSense labeled products
and start saving water today!
Visit to
learn more.
If a family of four replaces its older,
inefficient toilets with new WaterSense
toilets, it could save more than 16,000 gallons
per year and $2,000 in water and wastewater
bills over the lifetime of the toilets.
One of the simplest ways to save both water and
energy is to install water-efficient plumbing fixtures.
This will save you money on your water and energy
bills—it takes less energy to heat less water.
Look for WaterSense labeled products to save the
most money. You can let these products do the saving
for you!
 High Efficiency Toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush
or less. Plus, they now have flush ratings that can
tell you just how well they perform.
 Faucet aerators are very inexpensive and easy to
 Low-flow showerheads. Look for those that use 2
gallons per minute or less.
 High Efficiency Washing machines. Look for
ENERGY STAR rated machines with low water use
per load (water factor of 4.5 or lower).
Gardening professionals agree that most
lawns and yards receive more water than
they need. Over-watering creates runoff that
carries toxic fertilizers and pesticides into our
streams, rivers, and lakes—where it can
contaminate drinking water supplies too!
$$ Great Water/Money Saving Tips $$
Visit these web sites to find rebates near you or simply
ask your water or wastewater utility if they offer
Install moisture control sensors or rain sensors on your
automated irrigation systems. These devices know
when to water your lawn, keeping it healthy and green.
Best of all they can substantially reduce your water bill
and save a boatload of water.
Leak Repair
Many homes waste (and pay for) thousands of gallons
of water each year because they don’t fix leaks that
can be easily repaired. Fix it yourself or ask a friend to
help you.
In one year, water leaks in your home can
waste enough water to fill a backyard
swimming pool.
Replacement parts are inexpensive and can save you
more than 10% on your water bill. In most cases, fixing
a leaky toilet should cost you about $10 or less in
You can fix most dripping faucets or showerheads by
replacing worn washers. To check your toilet for leaks,
drop food coloring in the toilet tank. If color appears in
the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.
Water Saving Ideas
 Collect rainwater to irrigate indoor/outdoor
 Install WaterSense labeled low-flow
showerheads and save 3 gallons per minute.
 Take shorter showers by 2-3 minutes and save
up to 10 gallons per shower.
 If you don’t like mowing your yard, get rid of it
and replace it with native or drought resistant
(xeriscape) landscaping.
 Install WaterSense labeled low-flow fixtures or
aerators for every faucet in the house.
 Most landscapes will do well being watered
two or three times per week.
 To reduce evaporation, water the lawn in the
early morning or evening. Watering during the
heat of the day, or when it’s windy, wastes
water and is much less effective.
 Place a 2” to 4” layer of mulch around plants
and trees to avoid excess evaporation and
retain moisture.
 Consider using a commercial car wash that
recycles water or wash your car on your lawn.
 Sell your lawn mower and use that money as a
down payment to replace your lawn with a
flower or vegetable garden.
 Protect water quality by limiting or eliminating
the use of fertilizers, weed killers, and
 Install micro/drip irrigation systems or use
soaker hoses to water outdoors.
How You Can Help
Understanding what you can do to save water is where
it all begins. You can get the biggest water savings in
your home by installing WaterSense fixtures and fixing
Since outdoor use often doubles in the summertime,
use the tips in this brochure to think about what you
can do to use less

dont waste water

save water save life



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