In my previous post, I had talked about “Economics vs Truth” and how Truth has been losing this battle with Economics. I also talked about how you can turn the tide and potentially change this trend. The unanswered question was “how can it be done?”

So here is some food for thought –

If self-interest can somehow pollute our thoughts/words then doing the reverse (thinking about everyone’s interest) can also purify our thoughts and words. That my friend is what “Service” is all about.

“Service” also happens to be a core thought behind If we start thinking about how our words on can “help everyone” – it would start a trickle of selflessness. It’s interesting that when we think about service – how can we help someone, that desire “to help” actually takes us closer to the truth. Because we really need to go deep and understand what truly would help someone. Think of the last time when you really deep in your heart wanted to help someone, and you would know what I mean.

And while you may have reservations about speaking the truth elsewhere due to a variety of reasons, encourages everyone to be truthful. That brings me to your interactions with community and the power it holds. Think of these “interactions” as planting trees to reduce internet word pollution. And think of as a place to practice “Spirituality of Words”.

Spirituality of Words

In my mind, gives us an opportunity to mindfully practice the spirituality of words with every interaction done here. When it comes to Spirituality of Words, I could not find better guidance than Buddha’s principles on “Choice of Words” as mentioned in this discourse on Mindfulness (watch from 3:33 onwards for choice of words). I made a small chart to lay out these principles.


Spirituality of words

What I found most interesting was the criteria of “beneficial”. If something was not beneficial (to others), then such words are not to be spoken. I love the fact that “beneficial” unlike other criteria provides a simple yes and no decision. It’s a simple mental checkpoint before we write or speak – “is it beneficial?” Even Truth can be questioned sometimes. If you are a parent and your child tries something that she is horrible at. You may twist the truth a bit to pass on a beneficial message to the child. You can see why truth can be hard to practice, but beneficial is simply unquestionable.

Coupled with Truth, such speech can make our words divine. Such words can make a place where everyone can not just practice but learn the spirituality of words. If we can use truthful and beneficial speech while interacting at, we would create a place where many would find peace & joy. And we can then start turning the tide where Truth can start competing with Economics if not winning over it.

Your Interactions with

At, both free and premium members have choices to interact via Member Posts, Q&A and Comments (premium only). Each interaction is a potential opportunity to plant a tree. And just like planting a tree, it’s hard work.

Something as simple as writing a “meaningful comment” requires reading a post, thinking about how others readers or post author can benefit and then running it through what I call as “Buddha” test.

Would your words be “beneficial” to others? Do you really in your heart believe what you are saying is “True”?  It may sound daunting at first but gradually, it would become easier as you adopt this new version of yourself.

Sometimes, I also feel being “agreeable” overrides our desire to speak truthfully. By not disagreeing or staying silent when we actually disagree is probably a disservice. This post on “When Your Words May Hurt…” explains beautifully why at times beneficial and truthful words are a better choice than endearing words.

Can we nudge each other towards discovering our own truth?

As a platform, provides soil and water but the seeds of thoughts that would make you & I grow need to come from the community. Karma Program was designed to encourage community members to nudge others. While rewards may not matter to those of us who are further down the spiritual path, for the rest of us it matters.

I wrote in my earlier post about my excitement about how can potentially “serve”? I go to bed and wake up thinking about that possibility. I continue to remain super excited about what all we can do to “serve”. Karma Program is conceptualized to reflect a measure of “service” that a member has done. It’s far from perfect but it’s a starting point.

A key question to all of our members who write or interact on is “who” are you serving? Place your finger somewhere on the line below after taking a moment to reflect. Your truth matters, so do think before making your choice.


Our Truth

And that brings me to our collective journey to discover “our truth”. It’s a personal journey for each of us but it involves thoughts & words. And since there are words there is economics involved.

I have been asked on several occasions how can someone help I need your help to make an economy of “awareness” where you think about “words that are beneficial to others” and interact. Let’s make it a place where your thoughts and “meaningful words” benefit the community in discovering their truth.

“Meaningful words” require some thinking & a question “who are we serving with these words?” The beauty of such an effort is that it takes you closer to your own truth. And that my friend is the first step before you can mold your truth that befits who you really are.

Now you can choose to stay silent or use meaningful words – it’s your choice. But your choice determines our future as a community.