When you love
love so deeply
that there’s no space left
for anything else.
God can never be a second
in your life
it’s either Him
or the notion of loving Him.
In this sea of voices
one louder than the other
there’s no peace.
Oh let there be some space in between
from where His light
can enter your heart.
Be alone sometimes
not alone in a room
or in life
alone in a garden under a night sky.
Say nothing
be nothing
see nothing other than the beauty
of the stars
the fullness of the moon.
Carry in your heart
a torch for Bhagwan
who knows from where He might
appear one day.
Many nights I’ve walked
in vain
to find God strolling amidst the stars.
And yet, this silly heart believes that
it’s in the arms of nature
He lives and breathes.
Oh Lord, please, in this sea of noise
I can swim no more
I’ve lost all bearing
It’s too hard
pull this little boat to your milky shores…