A scar

A Scar Of long-standing,

Though fortunes kept on coming by,

But yet the place left an open sigh.

Indeed times have changed,

Times that made a man engaged.

Still some sort of space in depth,

Can’t get through the simple concept.

Things just keep on happening around

Although every unbreachable has its bound. 

Put his emotions too much along

And then his expectations started singing songs 🎶

Must have forgotten that Time ⏲️ shall reveal, 

And the same time must shall heal.

Revealed the true inputs he have had put in.

Healed the so forth output that he called the outcome of his sin.

Nothing behemoth took place in his life, 

Just a usual down that everyone once shall strive.

Tried to get habitual with his mental fatigue, 

Later on realized 🤔 things have gone way too far to seek.

Then he finally turned the pages, and thereafter burned the book, as simply now he has understood,

That changes must keep on coming, and rot like heavy wood.

Once and all, he looked at sky and said LIFE IS GOOD!


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