• As a child I heard many people say we are God fearing or hindi movies dialouge.,Bhagwaan se darrro ! Is God not our loving parent? I m a parent too myself now and my children at times do things displeasing or not in allignment of my teachings do I ever harm them ,punish them or hurt them ??? I might for re inforcement too stop talking to them for 10 minutes but my heart is always full of care and concern for them , But I remember we used to receive letters( blue inland) or Post cards atleast once a month with messages like ..

Post same lettet/ Post card to 10 people you ll have Mata krippa,one lady didn’t send these and she became a widdow, One day a business man threw this in dust bin ,his business failed,  Once a family mocked at this post card and their kids met an accident. 

…Some scary language and messages like this were always part of these post cards! My favorite hobby after coming back from school and before entering house was to open the letter box( as if some fan mails will come) ,and atleast once a month we used to receive these post cards, We were also the fearful and scared lot back then ,ignorant and superstitious! At times we redirected the post card to Panditjee Birla mandir ,at others kept it under Peepal tree or put it in Yamuna River while putting our hawan ( greh parvesh or b.day hawans ) samagreee,Or even got them photo stated and go in afternoon when most people were having a relaxing siesta and putting it in 10 neighborhood letter box ,think about it what permutation and combinations that those 10 can Have us as the next post card recipient!      Since Mobile phones coming these messages of sending 5 these mantra mala chain is still prevlant though I have stopped participating in them and getting a scared guest of my conditioned mind!             Have u ever received such messages or letters too???