We can search for science in divinity but we can never start our search the other way around ;because science has limits whereas divinity refers to infinity.

Today humanity  is trying to do various revelations through their research and adding more  information or different theories on quantum physics or black holes or different galaxies and yet they have not reached any conclusive theory.

The concept of black hole-an object so massive that its gravity prevents light from escaping-emerged in pieces over the course of decades. In 2019 Event Horizon Telescope [EHT] succeeded in revealing the shadow of a bigger black hole which holds billions of solar masses.The EHT collaboration has tried to capture the possible best image of that giant black hole but so far has been thwarted in presenting any conclusive results.

In Hinduism through different mediums it has been explained that the universe we see as a milky way or different galaxies is exactly what we have inside us .Through EHT we have limits of observation but through meditation and yoga we can actually experience them . Vedanta teaches us how to realise our true self by being aware of every breath and by observing the facts which were always available around us since we were born . We can experience the infinite nothingness or darkness  and billions of star lights and universal sound of the universe that is “AUM”.

In the human body the consciousness is the soul or sun of our body  or one small part of that unknown superpower or one sun(which is a star only ) amongst those billions of stars of a massive black hole . This black hole is lord Shiva(metaphoric name given by Hindus ) who is the ultimate reality or infinite truth which will absorb everything in it one day .This consciousness is a space above the brain which we  call Sahasrara or Crown chakra . Our mind is the moon of our physical body . It gets illuminated with the presence of our consciousness ;our sun. Our body is 75% water so is our planet earth . Our head is the sky or space /Akash and our body is the earth . In spiritual language we describe our head, shiva and body as shakti and when they unite the universe is created .They both can not function without each other . Shiva is dark energy ,that is nothingness .It’s absolutely calm and absorbs everything in it . Unless it unites with mother nature life can not be created . Every event happening around us or every thought generating in us is an energy which is resulting in some vibration and these vibrations are creating events . If we can understand and realise and can experience who we are then we can understand the whole unsolved mysteries of science . Human body is the most amazing gadget available on this planet despite our tremendous growth in the field of science . Robots can do almost all work with perfection without even creating a tiniest . Automatic cars can drive on their own but they can not feel the beauty or happiness or tiredness of that journey when we go on a long car drive . Science can be a big help in revelation  of divinity to all logical minds but the ultimate reality  is knowledge of who am I ?  Ultimate truth is divinity behind all scientific events we are experiencing in our daily life .

It’s strange that we never thought that plants bloom or grow healthier if we give them love and care more and why any big grown tree dies if we keep cursing it . why  beautiful feelings generate life energy and bad feelings pushes towards illness and death . There must be something more than a simple science of food hormones or growth of any living organism on this planet .When you start thinking this way endless questions arise. The day we will understand our human body fully we might solve many mysteries and we can find our source of origin which is the basic question of science .

We might find more direct or accurate answers .By understanding divinity we might just not get the logical explanations but we can have the first hand experiences of those explanations . It’s like practical and theoretical knowledge both at the same time to prove the authenticity of each other. As we are using EHT to observe black holes from a distance ;so as we can use knowledge of vedanta ,practices of yoga and meditation as a tool to observe these scientific spiritual events . Additional benefit is that we can  directly experience them instead of watching them from a distance and trying to imagine or calculate its strength, warmth or power . All these years with our speedy intense research in the field of science ;we have reached a point where we can not go any further . We are circling around the same information with little change of words and data .Our aim is to get our answers or grow further in our research till we find our conclusive answers ;so there is no harm in trying different methods to look at the events happening around us . Studying science with Divinity might bring a breakthrough in our research done so far .

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