I was in the vehicle one day with a man that was worth tens of millions of dollars. We were on our way for an entertainment outing he had arranged for our group.

Most unexpectedly, there was some traffic in a place that was usually always clear. Within seconds I watched this person (who could buy me fifty times over) meltdown into road rage. He said some very nasty things (supposedly) to the other driver. Then with a distinct lack of caution and at an excess speed, he passed the car that was causing the delay.

If you want to know how someone is in their heart, you need only experience some negative situation alongside them. Just a little shit-slinging and the truth will emerge. How a person reacts to small things is precisely how they will respond in a crisis – only to a greater degree.

Back in Louisiana, if we seriously trusted someone, we’d say, “I’d trust them with my money, my wife, and my life!” Want to know how much you can genuinely trust someone? Examine how content they are.

An ambitious person will perpetually roll over you. Restless people will leave you behind, careless. A fearful person will invariably injure you.

A content person, however, can instantly cure your emotional or spiritual blindness. They can share with you profound, abiding wisdom that cuts through all the nonsense.

They can see the real you.

Authentic success is the person who needs nothing. They have everything.

Most of us cannot (will not) experience abiding contentment in our lifetimes. I only know a handful of people who I would genuinely consider content, and I’m not one of them. I can clearly see so many attachments and passions in my heart! Yet, don’t we all experience some moments of being here now? That’s where God resides.

In the present moment, there is always perfect contentment. That’s why time slows down when babies are born, when someone says “I love you” for the first time or when people exchange wedding vows. The more present you are, the more perfectly contented you’ll be!

Enlightenment is at the end of desire. Contentment lives in the same place.



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