HAppy Shivaratri to all

I got a new medium to express all my feelings, always struggled to express them through words. Now I can draw them and decided to share with os.me family. 

I hope you will become the voice of these drawings. 

1.You can comment your favorite drawing and tell me why 
2.If you like you can give them all a catchy title 
3.If some drawing invokes a poet in you, you can also write a poem (please do mention the drawing with that) 
Or you can just share the overall opinion 
I’m looking forward for your comments and different expression of the same drawings.

 1.SurrenderScribbled feelings 6 2

2.Little girl hugging shiva 

Scribbled feelings 6 3

3.Hunter and prey

Scribbled feelings 6 4

4. Shiv bhav

Scribbled feelings 6 5

5. Mind trap

Scribbled feelings 6 6

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