Yoga has been my childhood passion. I have tried many schools and spent way too much to understand the right way of doing a simple surya namaskar. Every school claim they are the best and the right one. Who to trust was a major problem? But after reading Hatha Yoga Pradipika (scripture on hatha yoga) I was sorted and now enjoy every asana with greater stability.

This happens with every person in various fields. If we are not aware of the right knowledge, we become prey to many vultures sitting there just to feed on us.

The same is with all other Vedic sciences; they are so simple but have been made very complicated by the ones who wish to take advantage of people’s ignorance. Scriptures are very simple as sages wrote them for the benefit of the mankind. Knowledge floating in the market differs greatly from what is present in the scripture. They got highly manipulated by humans for humans. (funny). They are available to all who wish to read for the right knowledge. Many are now translated in English.

The sages wrote all scriptures to make our existence more comfortable. They explain the ways to make our living compatible, and in sync with nature. There was no hidden agenda there.  They talk about making our survival simpler, so it’s easy to live in this complicated world. These scriptures talk about various sciences followed in ancient times. We can practice most of them in this modern age.

Most verses talk about how we can benefit from our prayers, food, body, environment with simple techniques. All in all, they help us be calmer and peaceful. It’s a win-win situation.

Our scriptures have lived the wrath of the Mughals where they were burnt book by book, scripture by scripture. They have lived through the era of British rulers and still selflessly impart knowledge for our betterment.

There is no boundary of religion, faith, or conduct in reading these scriptures. It’s open for all. We may find better solutions to our problems. What’s the harm in knowing what our ancient sages have to say about the energy system? After all, they are our roots. Till the time scriptures were prevalent, India was at its peak. It’s because of our rich culture, palaces, and the knowledge that we became prey to the barbarians.  If you are convinced apply it or else, just keep it in your bookshelves (if you have one) or just pass it on (as books are the best gift, easy on the pocket, and vast on knowledge).

My journey of  scriptures:

Till my 30s I was not aware that there are scriptures for ancient sciences. We were taught about French revolution, world war 1-2, etc. but not a word about ancient wisdom in our education system. In my rote learning system, my brain was filled with unwanted information and nothing about the Puranic Panchatantra stories or about the great sages. Till college days I had read more of Shakespeare, Nancy Drew, or Agatha Christie. We were not exposed to our history or cultural diversity. In my school days, they assigned not even a brief space in my brains to what the sages had to say about our body, mind, and intellect.

Only in 2013, during a course of geopathology, I met this distant relative of mine who mentioned briefly that there are well written scriptures for vastu science. That’s it, I said to myself, it’s better to follow the ancient wisdom than to follow the unauthenticated floating knowledge.

I started hunting for the old manuscripts. My search ended with my Vedic teacher. He opened the world of scriptures to me. These heavy names of scriptures would fascinate me, mesmerize me. I was taken back to the ancient era. What a feeling!!! Truly enchanting…

When I held my first Shastra (2014), tears just rolled down like pearls falling off the broken thread.  May be deep inside I knew I would get answers to most of my life’s mystery. I had been closely following the subject of architecture since childhood. The temples, palaces and ancient sites always fascinated me. I wanted to solve the secret mysteries of Ellora, Ajanta & Kailash temple caves; Hampi was my all-time favorite ancient mystical site. I would stare at those structures for hours. Something about the hidden science always intrigued me. Here I was with those ancient texts, with whose help they actually made these structures. These Vedic texts helped me decode the symmetrical pattern of the temples. I was awestruck by reading Granth Mayamat. This was compiled by Sage Maya, the architect who created the illusionary palace of King Yudhisthir in the capital city of Indraprasth, Pandavas Maya Nagari. While reading it I felt the energies of the Sage Maya’s Mysterious City (Rahasya nagari) surrounding me. Believe me, you then dream about them. One such lucid, vivid dream which is still fresh in my memory is where I saw that I could connect the dots of the auspicious Nakshatras. After a few days, I saw a similar constellation in the Scripture Rajvallabh named as Sapt Rishi aligned to Dhruv tara (North star).

I keep reading these ancient texts to know more about the temple, palace, and house architecture. Some historical places are so full of energy that they become mysterious and inexplicable. We have wisdom, but we cannot acknowledge and process it well.

Life didn’t stop with just vastu scriptures. Many more kept coming my way, as if Mother Nature wanted me to read more of her secret untold stories. While reading I get transported to the ancient era. It’s like a dream world.

My all-time favorite scriptures

Let me light you with some Vedic sciences text which I refer: most of the knowledge that I have is from these scriptures… Nothing is mine.

Scriptures- myth or reality 1

Scriptures- myth or reality 2


Within a few months you will be a pro at the scriptures and no one can make a fool out of you.  There is no secret hidden there. It’s all science practiced by the sages to tame the monkey mind.

Without adding 2+2 we won’t arrive at the answer 4. Similarly, without reading these scriptures we can’t gain true insight.

What I gained:

I find reading the scripture a good way to increase my brainpower, knowledge and self discipline. Most of the time I take a vow to complete several pages within certain days. This helps me in finishing up each scripture without hindrances with great discipline.

These scriptures were all taught in the gurukul system in olden days so that a king be fit enough to rule his kingdom. We are the kings of our kingdom, so why not spare a month or two to be more mindful, more knowledgeable, and rightly Gyanis.

At least this knowledge is far better than the knowledge we collect from social media. At least they are authentic, comprehensive and time tested. We make opinions based on others’ points of view, let’s change this and decide for ourselves what suits us and what’s right or wrong, what’s myth or reality.

Swamiji in one of His blogs tells us on how to increase our brainpower. Reading scriptures fit well with me to achieve:

·         Self-belief

·         Self-discipline

·         Righteousness

Based on an interview, they say Bill Gates reads one book per week. It’s one habit we must inculcate to get a vast viewpoint of different scholars. So I make sure I add scripture to my daily routine reading.

So glad that Swamiji writes or else, how on earth would I know about Him!

I realized one thing, “If our roots are strong, no one can uproot us.”

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