We all want bliss unlimited..we pray and follow to our beloved path with vision of perfect peace to follow one fortune day..but days pass on with shadows and nights with glimmers..At an age and with much frustation ,we get to know that bliss too was Maya matrix prank..

Krishna says we must work..but without fruits..only surrendering our work for beautifull unknown lord..There are much unfullfilled gaps in karma equation,left by krishna to fill by the learned mature soul in deep faith at ripe moment.

Gurunanak also sang plethora of Almighty name with stress on Hukam and Surat simran…but the way of name is also to be learnt from Guru..

Krishanamurty and Ramanna have devised ways of investigation to our primal origin and enquiry..

Much is unknown in path of god but yes , one step light is always given by formless power..Knack is the required connecting element..

When one tries his best ways and exhausts all resources then a residual silent understanding is left of unknown-without any one there-so no one to enjoy too ..

Its a game of loosing oneself in sea of unknown for love of unknown patiently and gracefully.

Its a paradox..neti neti …Silence and faith with deep surrender may enlighten us .

Oh God save “me from me”


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