A desire to harvest the fruit of  effort.

“A desire drive you to perform actions in life,

“Actions will help you harvest the fruits or it may not.

“Fulfillment of desires may encourage you for higher ambition.

“Higher the ambition, higher will be the attachment which may lead you to a vicious circle of mother nature’s beautiful energy.”

Once there was a young newly wed couple. They lived happily in a small city across the river Yamuna.

After a year of marriage, mother nature blessed them with a baby !

Living happily in devotion to mother nature,  they were blessed with another baby. They were very happy.

O Mother Nature ! O Mother Nature!

“You are so kind so generous, our obeisance to you Maa AadiShakti.”

Mother Nature has her own charisma to bless the devotees with all  types of fruits be it wealth, health, prosperity or strength.

She blesses her devotees with the fruit they deserve. Be it a baby girl, or a boy.

Feminine energy of nourishment is the absolute nature of Mother Earth towards life on earth.

Masculine energy is a seed we sow.

Like, a seed sowed on earth grows in the form of plants.

When she blesses humans with babies, she is actually assigning a huge responsibility to help Maa AadiShakti in maintaining a beautiful ecosystem on the earth.

“She has blessed you, that does not mean you own it forever. It has to go one day. May it be to fulfill his/her own duty or it be the end of life.”

Seed turns into a sapling,

Sapling turns out to be a plant !

Plant turns out to be a tree,

And trees give us life !

Being human, we shall obey  nature.

After sowing the seed, we shall pour our love and affection  just like we water the seeds and plants. Continuous actions of digging out the sand every other day curiously or anxiously to find what is happening inside the sand might not help; rather we may end up killing the possible new life through the seed in the form of sapling.

If we do that,  the fact is it might be an injustice to the responsibilities we are assigned by Mother Nature.

To achieve a life in the shade of a beautiful dense tree is as hard as transforming an unfertilized land to be fertile.

Considering a tribute to Mother Nature for what she blessed you years back, humans must learn to sacrifice at times when needed.

A foetus loses the ‘astitva’ (or form) after birth, same as seed loses to sapling.

Journey of Foetus to Child is nourishment.

Journey of Child to Adult is strengthening.

Parents can enjoy the shade and fruits of the tree, they shall remember they do not own it in any form.

We shall be enlightened to know, mother nature bless us but that does not mean we own it. She will still be a lien holder!

She is Mother Earth, Mother Nature, many names she has.

“To live in the peaceful shed of Maa AadiShakti, do Sow the Seed of Sacrifice”

She will take care of you, when you take care of her.

Respect the seed, Respect the mother nature in your small world around (family).

My obeisance to Mother Earth.