Towards the beginning of this month, I had gone on a short road trip to Jhargram (in West Bengal) with my family. The resort in which we had booked our stay, was situated on a huge property which was surrounded by a small forest (mostly of sal trees).

Our trip was of only 2 nights and 3 days. So we didn’t have much time to explore this new place and its surroundings. My father being a travel enthusiast didn’t want to waste a single moment lazing around in our hotel room. I, on the other hand am a lazy bug and after a tiring road journey, I just wanted to sleep. We had reached our resort at around 1pm. After having lunch, we decided to take an afternoon nap. But, my dog Nimki, had other plans and thanks to him, I wasn’t able to catch any sleep. In the evening my mother and father wanted to go for a drive to explore the locality. I was too tired and just wanted to sleep but they dragged me and my brother along anyway. 

While we were going through the forest, towards the city, our driver suddenly stopped the car and my parents excitedly urged me to look. I looked outside and barely 6-9 feet away from me, was a majestic barn owl perched  on the top of a branch. It was my first time seeing a barn owl. Suddenly my mind floated back to the blog I had read, a few hours ago in the afternoon. The blog was written by Sadhvi Vrinda ji on the sadhana app website where she had recounted an incident about seeing Maa Lakshmi’s vaahan – a barn owl. (Here’s the link to that blog: ) After reading that blog, I remember thinking, ‘How nice! I wonder if I’ll ever get to experience such things’. And voila! I saw a barn owl for the first time, that very evening. After seeing that owl I was incredibly happy and my heart was full and I enjoyed the rest of my evening.

Now, whether that owl was a sign from God or not, I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide. Personally, I don’t like definitive conclusions. Open ended things are much more fun.

I would like to end this blog here. Thank you for reading this post and giving me your precious time. See you soon! 😊 

Seeing maa lakshmi's vaahan : a barn owl 2 This the picture of the barn owl.

Although it’s hard to estimate how close the owl was from this picture. My mother took this picture and she was sitting on the other side of the car while the owl happened to be sitting on my side of the car. Also, I think this picture was taken without zooming in using her phone. The light in the photo is the car’s headlight and not any torch or flashlight of our phones.

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