We are happy and fine when things are normal. We do not feel the need to count our blessings at such times. But when things go wrong and we face the unexpected – a disaster or a catastrophe our questioning mind awakens – Why? Why did this happen?

Through eons Nature has developed its own system for its sustenance and most of these acts take place indiscriminately -like a volcano erupting, a tsunami rising, the earth quaking and others.  Nature is   renewing and realigning itself just like the snake that shed its old skin.

When a hurricane hits an abandoned island then there is no media coverage as there is no loss of life. Some explorer’s might try to seek answers from an ecological perspective but that’s all!

However, if the same thing happens in a densely populated coastal area and causes a lot of causalities we immediately start to seek answers. There are theories, scientific basis, cause-and-effect and what have you.

Averagely, 250 people die every minute and it is accepted as normal. But we label a catastrophe as abnormal because the scale is bigger and the act is concentrated.

Our evolved intellect likes to flatter itself by giving itself importance. Our ego feels that somehow nature, God, other people, the world must owe us something. We believe everything must have – a meaning an absolute reason.

Our life, our death, every incident, every occurrence has to be supported by some intelligent answer to appease the insatiable curiosity of the conditioned mind.

Whenever anything undesirable happens, we want an answer, as most of us have been conditioned to believe – that if we worship God – if we pray, nothing bad can happen, we derive our own truth from that.


Excerpted from  –  A Fistful of Wisdom by Om Swami

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