To find a book as per one’s taste in a library is a laborious as well as time-consuming job. It is not at all easy. For searching a decent book, first of all one has to pick up a book from the book-self sometimes one has to climb the ladder to reach that book, read the summary and about author at the back side or on last pages, flip through the pages and have a look at the index and forwarding page. Once I was in the library and in the same situation. For selecting a good book, I was repeating it over again. I found an old book, I turned its faded pages and by chance opened its last but one page. On that very page, in blue bold letters someone has jotted very neatly, ‘This book is very boring.’ And below it someone else has written in red ink, in a different style of handwriting which was difficult to read but somehow I managed to read that ‘Bandar kya jane adrak ka swad’ which means monkey doesn’t relish the taste of ginger.

After that, it became my habit to start flipping a book from the back but unfortunately, I never came across such an interesting comment again.

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