In the journey of life we face so many ups and downs. Times when things are going right we feel blessed and certainly find ourselves to be reason for that. But when we are struggling we often try to blame others actions for those problems and even justify the same. But what happens when situations get worse, lies you told to yourself become meaningless nothing can calm the storm of destruction which is the result of seeds sown by you. When you can praise yourself for the good why is it so difficult to accept the mistakes made by you? Why not embrace your flaws and correct them? A good human is not the one who never did anything wrong but the one who accepted his faults, learnt from his mistakes. The only way you do that is self-reflection.
Give yourself chance to self-reflect. Before you sleep give your self little time to reflect on your day. May be you think at first you did nothing special but it’s about reflecting on little things you do and don’t pay much attention to. It will certainly help you. Time spent is self-reflection is never wasted it’s a way know yourself. It is like an intimate date with yourself . We don’t learn from our experiences but we can learn by reflecting on our experiences.
All the answers we are looking for you will definitely find on your own.Dig beneath your own layers you will stop blaming others.
Let’s make it a routine to take just few minutes for self-reflection at the end of your day.


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