Anger, an intense emotional feeling of displeasure or annoyance leading us to shouting on or having arguments with our spouse, kids, colleagues, relatives etc.. It’s one of the most felt emotion in today’s times, sometimes multiple times a day. 

Now coming to my experiences with it I have been both at the giving and receiving ends of it and in both the cases there have been after felt emotions which I’d want to share here. 

Receiving end 

1. When a parent tends to get repeatedly angry you wake up every morning wishing they go to work(although it may be possible that they were angry for right reasons) 

2. Finding it very difficult to be truthful and honest with a person because you don’t trust their temper and reactions

3 The worst of all LOSS OF LOVE for that person

Giving end

There’s mostly only one feeling


but then our egos begin to justify the anger with broadly these few reasons  

1. I can’t keep it inside me its going to damage me if I don’t express it. 

2. I was just being honest.

3. He/She was wrong and deserved it.

On contemplating one finds that there’s a counter to every reason above(my opinion)

1. If the anger(emotion)is so potent that it’s non expression can harm you will it not cause harm to the one you vent it out on.

2. Why not be honest with yourself first and admit that shouting or abusing someone out of anger wasn’t the right thing

3. Oh really, did you do eveything right during your day or life. 

How I feel I should go about it now

When feeling angry just let a few moments pass, forgive the person who you think has done something wrong(makes you feel a lot lighter) and then talk to them about it.  Works most of the times for me.

As Swamiji says a thought or emotion in itself is not bad it’s only how we act on it that makes it good or bad. 

Namah Shivaya 



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