As I am chanting the mantra since some months for spiritual enlightenment for being bless by divine Mata so here I am sharing my some experience with during my chanting.

 Before few month I have started chanting with near about ten bead round as days passing I get more and more like chanting so I increased my chanting upto 100 bead round per day,

In some days after starting chanting I have started to feel sensation in my brow plexus for some minutes during chanting, as day by day it’s now increased upto like half day I got sensation in my brow plexus even when I am not chanting then also sensation came some times.

During my chanting before few week I have one unforgettable experience, that is when I am chanting mantra my home filled up with some very strong and very nice fragrance like some divine energy visit me for some minute only but the fragrance I never smell before in my life it’s so unavoidable strong and beautiful experience I got in my chanting.

Still my chanting is going on may be one day I got the divine blessing of Jagat mata, may be one day I awakened.

With Pranam to the Divine energy who is Immortal in mortals.

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