Do you know that when see 2 colors. ex- orange and red. It a little hard to find difference. If their are blue and red the it is very easy to find difference. Like this all our senses work the same. The eyes can find difference because from small to big we practiced seeing a lot. We can also find difference between different smells.

Their are lot of musicians, who play songs by just listening at first and then play it. They did a lot practice with ears. If you want to find the swara etc by just listening . Their is a way. First thing is to listen the song. Second record all the swara ( SRGMPDNS OR CDEFGBC). Third thing to do is play the song and one swara and check is it correct that you check the swaras by using your ears and mind.

Our senses are very powerful. If we do wall gazing meditation which Swami ji said then our eyes can inside the leaf. Our senses make fool of us. For example-when we do meditation we might get vibrations, you can see colors, we can sense beautiful smell and we may get nectar on our tongue. This occurs due to move our focus on meditation so we shouldn’t stop them or enjoy them and ask for more.

Their are Good and Bad for senses. It depends on how you use It !

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