Separation Makes Us Realize The Importance of People.

Don’t take anyone for granted.

You know, we generally take people for granted. We don’t realize how important each individual is in our lives. Only when we face death or separation, do we realize how much they mean to us with whom we live everyday. 

We may not realize, but the people we live with, even if we don’t like them or have difficult relationships, when we lose them, we realize how strongly attached we are. At home, we may fight, hurt each other, hold grudges against each other, but isolation still hurts. When we suddenly get separated, the strings in our hearts get struck. I am feeling this today. And I’ve felt this a few times earlier. 

My father left for Delhi today. My parents and two sisters live in Delhi. My eldest sister is married and lives in a different district from mine. Baba came in November last year to attend a marriage in the extended family. 

All these days I actually silently complained. Baba has some habits which are a matter of inconvenience to me. Snoring for example. I kept thinking how can somebody snore so much and still sleep so easily‽ While others suffer. Talking too much is another quirk that Baba has. And I don’t talk that much. Only to the extent it’s necessary. Now that he is gone, the feeling of separation is gently touching the shore of my heart. 

You too must have felt this some time or other in your life. The feeling of separation is one of the strongest feelings that a human heart knows. And this leads me to my realization which I want to share with all of you. 

Life is very brief. We should live each day with love, gratitude and care. 

Don’t take anyone for granted. The people you live with and love are special. Live each day with love and gratitude in your heart. Give back. Show your care, concern, respect and love for everybody. Don’t live with grudges, hurts or regrets. Resolve your issues while you have the time and opportunity. Don’t carry the past. Just try to live with love as much as you can. Who knows whether we’ll get another day to share this life or not. Who knows whether we’ll get to say our sorries and thank you’s or not. 

May our lives be filled with love, gratitude and joy. 

Jai Shri Hari. 🙏🍁 

Thank you.
Image Credit: Mary Long on shutterstock.

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