The life of Rajasthan was without any charm and grace in absence of Meera. She had left long ago in search of her Giridhar Gopal to Vrindavan

Immersed in Krishna’s love, she roamed every street and visited every nook and corner of Rajasthan. That is where her search began. For Her beloved, for her Aardhaya, for her everything, her Keshav. She attended religious meeting with other saints and sages. Danced and sang in their presence, drenched in love of her Giridhar Gopal. People of Rajasthan, shammed her. Talked ill of her. She had a notorious impression in those times when she existed (in her body).

She cared not.. 

She cared not..

The ill talks!

The bad impression!

Bothered her not..

Bothered her not… 

Mad at her madness for Mor Mukutadhaari, Giridhar Gopal, her Krishna; Rana, her husband, sent her a bowl of poison, with a message that it was a bowl of charanamrit from Vrindavan, abode of Sri Radha Madhav.

In elation, she danced. Her beloved’s charanamrit! Eager to drink it, the nectar of Krishna’s love, the holy water that was poured over his lovely pink-hued feet. She danced. Her eyes shone like stars sparkle. Her friend warned her of that charanamrit which was poison. She did not care. Eager to drink the nectar of Krishna’s feet that had arrived from Vrindavan, she placed the bowl on her lips. With a gentle smile and moisture in her eyes for the love of Krishna she consumed the poison. Upon touching her lips, the life taking poison turned into life giving elixir. How blessed was that potion I wonder!

She saw Lord Narshima (Human-Lion  avatar of Lord Sri Hari) in the lion that was sent to kill her. She saw saligram (fossilized sacred shell found in Gandaki river near Himalayas, symbol of Lord Vishnu as the Universal Principle) in the snake that was sent to her. She felt love in everything that was sent to her in disguise of Krishna’s Love to kill her.

It was time for her to progress in her journey to become one with her beloved. The life that she lived through her body, that body now was but an impediment between her and Krishna. 

The yearning was unbearable.

In Vrindavan, people told her that Krishna had left and went to Dwarika. It’s in Dwarika that she was supposed to find Krishna. 

Dwarika, a city made by Vishwakarma ji with the help of Varun Dev, Lord of Ocean, on the command of Lord Himself. Dwarika, a divine city, it was created amidst the ocean. It was very dear to Krishna. Just before Krishna had to leave the world, that city, as it was at the time of Krishna, had dissolved in ocean at His will.

Meera reached Dwarika. Behind her came the folks from Rajasthan. They pleaded and begged her to come back. Life was pale without her.  The charm and the beauty had left them ever since she left Rajasthan. They realized it but late! On their insistence she told them to wait as she was to take permission from her Aaradhya (the Lord one prays to), from Krishna.

As she entered the temple and latched the door to take his permission to return, it was point of no return. 

She entered to merge with her Beloved, never to come back!

But… was she really gone?

As one looks at the Lord’s idol and sing to Him. The bhav that one experiences is Her! The rasa that one feel is Meera.

ऐसी लागी लगन, मीरा हो गयी मगन ।
वो तो गली गली हरी गुण गाने लगी ॥
महलों में पली, बन के जोगन चली ।
मीरा रानी दीवानी कहाने लगी ॥

कोई रोके नहीं, कोई टोके नहीं,
मीरा गोविन्द गोपाल गाने लगी ।
बैठी संतो के संग, रंगी मोहन के रंग,
मीरा प्रेमी प्रीतम को मनाने लगी ।
वो तो गली गली हरी गुण गाने लगी ॥

राणा ने विष दिया, मानो अमृत पिया,
मीरा सागर में सरिता समाने लगी ।
दुःख लाखों सहे, मुख से गोविन्द कहे,
मीरा गोविन्द गोपाल गाने लगी ।
वो तो गली गली हरी गुण गाने लगी ॥


Alive – living and throbbing.

Meera is here and now.

In the words of this write-up,

in your heart which feels the Love,

as it read these words.


Celebrating the eternity of Love. ❤

Celebrating the Immortality of Love. ❤

Celebrating Meera bai and Her Love. ❤

Her Love – Sri Hari.. 🌷

Celebrating Bhakti of Sri Hari…🌷

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