Dealing with  past traumatic experiences and shedding them little by little can be extremely challenging and its easier said than done but I can vouch for the fact that its well worth the effort. It can be anything as small as parents not being able to provide nourishment and security to a child who later becomes an adult with fear of abandonment and sense of constant insecurity or as big as being at the receiving end of grave harassment. We all have our share of those unpleasant experiences which we’d rather not deal with and following words were scribbled in a humble attempt to encourage my fellow spiritual family to take steady steps in removing those traumas from their consciousness. 

one fine day

she learnt to live again

both wings burnt

crawling on the ground

screaming for help

with darkness all around

they said, its the end

and so it seemed

Fell hard crashing down,

never to be redeemed

they said she won’t make

it it’s far too late to try

Piece by piece

day by day

she again brought her world alive

what was once fake grin

with forceful stretch of face

day by day

piece by piece

its real smile

reaching her eyes again

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