My today’s post is a very special one because this is not just my regular post. Instead, this is a reward for some people who have touched the lives of other people with their kindness. I understood the real meaning of the word “Kindness” from Black Lotus. According to my perspective, Black Lotus is a movement which has the power to create a beautiful world. So, with God’s Grace, I got an opportunity to be a part of the Black Lotus movement as a Black Lotus Champion. Because of Sadhvi Shraddha Ji, we have a small Black Lotus team in Ludhiana, Punjab.

On a beautiful evening, Mr Kunal sir called and asked me to plan some activities so that we can reactivate our group. Since the lockdown, we hadn’t done any activity in our Black Lotus group. Kunal Sir gave a wonderful idea to do a 7-day Kindness Challenge. In this challenge, the members of our group had to share their stories of kindness with us on a daily basis. Then I suggested him to declare a reward by choosing the best two stories in the end and I decided to share those stories with the Black Lotus team. Honestly speaking, all the members of our group participated with great enthusiasm. When I read those stories I was very inspired and I decided to post those stories on my blog post in the hope to make them happy and inspire others too. These stories have a great message and information which everyone needs to know. As per the request of the storyteller, I will not disclose the name. But both these stories are from the same person.

So here they are:

Story no : 1

A street dog (Noddy) was hit by a car driver in front of my house. Noddy was crying because his back leg was injured. I gave him water and pain killer medicine by mixing it in a sweet dish. I made a phone call to a veterinary doctor for help, but he refused to treat a street dog. I offered extra fees but he advised me to go to a government hospital. I was not able to contact anybody. At last, a private doctor was ready to visit. He examined Noddy and gave medicine. I thanked the doctor and offered him fees, but he refused to take it. I took care of Noddy’s medicine and food. It seemed as if Noddy thanked me by waving his tail and smiling face. An animal cannot speak but shows love in his eye, smiling face and by waving his tail.

Story no: 2

A poor widow lives in a village and she has two daughters. The marriage of one of her daughters got fixed recently. The villagers usually are not aware of organisations that offer help to the needy ones. I contacted an organisation from Nawanshahr. That organisation initially wanted to verify the status of the family before helping the widow. Hence, I gave the widow’s address to the organisation. They verified the authenticity and approved to help the widow. The organisation thus helped in getting the widow’s daughter married.

There are many needy families in villages that do not have awareness about such organizations that offer help.

Please try to help those who need it badly.

Many congratulations to the winner. 

I hope these stories have inspired all of us. With our small acts of kindness, we can change the world into a beautiful place. Thank you so much Black Lotus for teaching us to be kinder all the time.

PS: Black lotus is an app available in Play store and iOS. If you want to bring the change in our world you can also join the community of kind people. This app will change your life.

Thank you,

Keep Smiling,

Riya Om