The tiny blades of grass

sway gently as the breeze brushes through them,


the clock doesn’t tick for them

even the harsh sun doesn’t fade away the greens,


what miracle of nature

as much a carpet of softness

as much a garden to be adorned,


they lay among the mesmerising beauty

of the blooming blossoms;

not a drop of envy

nor a trace of comparison,


simple yet gentle 

they grow as we please

we don’t even tend to their needs


yet they lay happily

beneath my feet,


the morning due 

adds lustre to their hues

at dusk it houses

all creepers 

tucked under its blue,


a piece of land is just a barren patch

had it not been for you … !!


Gratitude brims in unseen, unknown places

yet it vanishes,

just when we need it the most .. 

Grateful for the subtleties;

these shades of green

they exist

without any tantrums

every moment cushioning us  

so we don’t trip…!