I am not good in writing . Always I get bad score in English grammar. But I like to write.
Its easy to share happiness , smile , knowledge but its very hard to share agony and pain publicly. There are many platform where we share our happy photos, our praise, our knowledge , our opinion openly and confidently. What no as such famous open platform where we can share our pain , our agony. Its bad to express our true feeling honestly . Its shameful to cry in front of anyone . But its a bravery to show how cheerful and comfortable you are, may be inside its not 100% what we display outside.

I would like to share one of my recent incident with all of my lovely os community people. I am not protagonist of this incident. Just honestly I would like to narrate. On 16 March 2021 I took my car went out with my mother and two pets to have breakfast while returning back I took right turn towards my resident gate a bike person bump my car back side door. I got panicked and hit my car on wall . I am new driver its my first experience . I got shocked and afraid . My car front portion totally broken . That bike person started gathering people. I work in bank and got posted to a village as branch Manager. I am from other part of India and I don’t know language of this place where I am posted . From first day of my posting village peoples where not comfortable to see outsider lady as their area bank head. I worship my work . I work dedicatedly in return of nothing. I tried to give financial education to people . But here majority want loan simply without any business and don’t want to pay back the loan. Its one of the branch with lot of loan defaulters. I tried to convince them to pay but no result. I can’t be strict . My body ,my approach is not so strong. And these village people are aggressive , ready to fight in any trivial matters.
Back to car accident day bike person gathered people they all shouted , Yeh ! She is branch head . I called my husband . We took our pets , mother to home. We didn’t know what to do . Our society security called us to the gate . Whole villager were shouting at us but we were not able to understand their language. Bike person showed his bruises. He was in high speed he hit my car and everyone made me criminal. Only crowd left bike person vanished . Police standing didn’t guide us . We asked where is he we want to meet him if he is in hospital. Evening we went hospital but we were left wandering. Next day we went to police station for compensation. Bike party people told he is in hospital we told ok give us details and bill nothing was presented . They asked 30k we told show bills. Again many people gathered and told they will file compliant. We went to file complaint police person told wait it will hamper your visa . We came back. We got lawyer he told go for compromise otherwise you career will get spoil . Lawyer called that accident bike man and his brother. We were not able to understand want exactly they were saying Our lawyer told he is in hospital he lodged MLR . We asked him which hospital what happened to him as at the time of accident it was just a small bruise . Our lawyer said they will not tell hospital details. Next day our lawyer called and told us they have hired lawyer and asking compensation of 1.5 lakhs. We told lets meet at evening . Evening again their lawyer didn’t came on phone asking for 1 lakhs. Then next morning telling going for complain. Its been four days like fool we are moving from here and there. We don’t know what happened to that bike person, which hospital he is there, no complain .
Our we all staying in same country .Is it so difficult to accept an outsider . For any things to get it done , does influence is so necessary. Just can’t be everything simple and transparent. Every night I can’t able to sleep I think do I am a trouble to these people here. Just being woman and of other creed I can’t get involve with them. Every one have their own mindset which we can’t change but at least we can live in harmony and unbiasedly . Many ways I tried to get dissolve with them being disciple of my Guru. But now totally my dignity got tarnished . First time in my life I feel being woman is so weak. I feel so alone my voice is suppressed. My office heads are advising be bold. I want to be bold but from inside still 100% is lacking.

Sharing is good act. So here I came forward to share with all of you.Sorry for not sharing happiness and bravery. Just sharing my experience without any conclusion and judgement.

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