Madhu and Indejeet had 9 years age difference and were now arranged married couple. Inder jeets sister’s daughter was a student at Madhu s mother s( a head mistress) school and being from same language and cast back ground in ptm of her daughter Indejeet s sister proposed his hand for Madhu. Madhu was a not as fair complexessioned, skinny girl whos academic records were very poor and as a 40 day old child she was sent to her parental aunt in Punjab to be raised in cousins as she had a working mother.Madhu was very low in self esteem because of this ,she was merely 22 summers old and graduation failed at time of her marriage to Indejeet. Inderjeet on other hand was extremely fair ,fluent in English and street smart self made man! Being youngest son of a Pakistan moved Indian refugee family he had lost his parents and used to stay with his sister s family . The marriage of Indejeet and Madhu took place with the promise that Kanodia company engineer Indejeet kumar Joshi would take a transfer to Renu koot and move with Madhu to his independent house! Since they promised a non dowry low budget marriage Madhu s government employees parents were quiet releaved and happy on their daughter’s luck! Indejeet was a sooper sweet talker and a big show man with sophisticated eating and dressing skills! Since Madhu s father enquired with Indejeet s senior manager about his character and salary structure confidencially, before fixing the alliance, he was quiet satisfied with the boy s tea totaller and hard working habits description. As Madhu got married and bid a tearful good bye to her parents at Railway station ,she was excited and enthusiastic to have a new home with a handsome husband and choicest of Sarees and jewellery! Inderjeet had called a company car at Renukoot railway station and told on the way to home that since it was marriage leave ,he had asked an office colleague who was a bachelor to stay at his house till he was away out of station for marriage and to repay the bachelor colleagues help for a week Madhu would have to cook for him too! Madhu was quiet surprised ,everyone needs privacy during honey moon period and she was to cook for a stranger as well do his dishes but she was quiet docile to react or question! As she entered the house ,she saw the name plate Inder jeet Laal Joshi , Madhu just walked inn and was shown a small room and told this is our bedroom, adjust all your belongings here carefully, and i m going to office will be back for dinner with my coleague who has kept raw vegetable ,aata and daal in kitchen ,please cook for us before we come at 8pm. Madhu like a coy and obedient wife was ready with well arranged plastic table of lace cloth laid with Gobhi aloo ,rotis and arhar daal and 3 plates and 3 glasses and 6 bowls for raita with boondi! Inderjeet entered the home with a similar aged colleague and introduced Madhu with him saying Madhu this in Inderjeet bhaisaab too ! He works as an engineer in my company and is my boss ,this is his house and he has allowed us to stay with him on the condition that u cook ,clean and look after his lawn plants! Suddenly Madhu felt cheated and deceived, in those days there were no land line phones too ,leave alone mobiles or pagers,and her parents were 500 kms and 2 train nights away, she had no cash or freinds and relatives in the new town! She felt trapped and caged in a new relationship which was based on nothing but lie! Her husband was actually a foreman in same company as Inderjeet Lal Joshi s ,since both boss and executive had same name and surname only difference of Lal and kumar middle name and shared same residence ,all investigation Madhus father had done were of the manager but not the foreman! As soon as next day of hot tea ,aloo paranthaas and mango pickle were over , and both Inderjeet senior and junior left with their breif cases to their office ,a dumb stuck Madhu enquiring about near by post office, telegramned her parents to reach to her urgently! Madhu was the only daughter with a younger brother of her parents who were extremely anxious receiving Madhus telegram and in innocence called office of their new son in law! Hearing about telegram the Scoundrel husband further to teach Madhu a lesson added ,yes your daughter got burnt from stove and is in very bad health in government hospital Renukoot! The greaving parents of Madhu immideately booked a private taxi to reach the new town but all this took 24 hours ,lots of tears a mental trauma and a never healing scar! As they reached Indejeet s adress a neighbor met the parents of Madhu on the way and seeing them weeping and wailing enquired what happened! The parents narrated the telegram and phone calls horror at which the neighbor told them ,dont worry Madhu is fit and fine ,i just saw her 15 minutes back watering the adjacent lawn! The astonished parents rang Madhus house bell who hugged her mother and cried her heart out on how she had been befooled! It was afternoon when Madhus parents reached her ,in evening when Inderjeet came back he acted as if he had never talked to her parents on phone and was quiet humble and polite! Madhus parents were brave/ careless to leave there daughter with such a wolf tendency man and come back to their town ! Inderjeet and Madhu were blessed with a very bright and cute looking son with in an year of marriage and soon Inderjeet moved to an independent residence with Madhu , he was a very hard working man and rose from position of foreman to the Vice president in a salt making firm in Ankaleshwar ! He was extremely possessive about what Madhu wears ,eats and how much mouth she opens while eating and laughing and in which way she arranges his almiras and keeps his slippers! 40 years into a controlled marriage with all bank accounts in her name but no penny to spend and a meek Madhu now cleaned soiled Diapers of her bed ridden husband who was totally dependent on her! He breathed his last after 3 years of intense look after by Madhu who bathed him ,made him eat fresh porridge ,khichri ,soup and mashed banana like a baby! Was it Indejeet s Karma to face such bodily ailments at end or was it Madhu s prarabdh that her whole life was nothing but missery!