As she stepped into the dark alley, she delicately held the box, making sure not to spill its contents.

Sonia had left early today to come to the East part of the city. The train had taken longer than usual. She had taken utmost care to wear the long red dress, with delicate drops, accentuating her newly-toned arms. Wavy blonde hair cascading down, she looked in the mirror. Her colleagues at the hospital, where she was working as a neurologist would not have been to recognize her today, a colossal change from the green overall and dark blue sliders she wore usually, with her hair in a messy bun as she went about her day.

The group of people was spread around the room, as she stepped into the dimly lit room. Her eyes looked for the one person she had come to the party for. He was the host and had persuaded her to come here. She let her fingers slide into her bag- the box and knife securely in their place where she had put them. Edward had been her first love. They had long lost touch with each other- she remembered the intense anger in her gut she had felt that day.

Today she needed to make peace.

As they all gathered around the table, Edward delicately blew out the candles that showed he was celebrating the 36th year of the day he had ….She moved closer to him. As the crowd clapped, yelled, and moved away, the music started and the floor was now moving with gyrations. She moved closer to him and took out the sharp 8-inch knife.

She reached home and opened the box. The contents are intact. She had made peace with him, as she relished the rich chocolate fudge cake she had clandestinely stolen while Edward looked away.


Footnote: This was part of the writing workshop. We had to answer 

Who is Sonia? Whose house is she exiting from? What is she carrying?