She is a woman

She is fiercely beautiful and delicately kind. 

She is capable of loving beyond the limits. 

Despite of the fact that we all are beautiful, the tragedy is we all are convinced that we are not   – rupi kaur

Here I am the teller of my own tale wanna tell every woman out there, that there is a goddess waiting to be released inside of you. 

My beauty is my experience not my age, My beauty is my soul not my face. 

I have a right of wearing what I want to, I have a right of carrying myself the way I want to, knowing the fact that a few lusty eyes will fall on me and u’ll tell your dudes “oh look she is asking for it …! “

Every woman carry herself the way she wants to as she is proud of her beauty. 

She knows she is an incarnation of God baked in a beautiful pot 

So she is showing of her body parts in that dress as she is proud of her body parts and she is in love with her scars and curves, not because she is asking for it and you can tell your dude’ oh! let’s go get her’

In the world full of falling for the beauty of bodies try falling for someone who have the most beautiful soul of all 

Because towards the end your body will change shapes, your hairs will turn grey and then u’ll turn into ashes. But if a person was in love with your soul not body, will be in love your ashes as well

Despite of the fact the world have given her so much pain and suffering she have always grown flowers out of her body for the butterflies to consume 

She is a mother, she is a sister, she is a daughter, she is a sibling then at the end she is woman. She is you

Fiercely beautiful and delicately kind!!