When I sat down to pen down this article, I was overflowing with ideas I wanted to share. Being overwhelmed, I was not able to come up with anything that made sense, everything came out jumbled. I realized that I needed to let go of a few of them (a lot of them) and focus on one, to be able to create something that would put out my idea clearly. This realization gave birth to a new idea, ‘letting go’.

If nature like humans did not let go, the world would come to a halt. What if the Sun did not accept its decline and refused to set? Imagine trees not willing to shed withered leaves, it will cause it to die, whereas shedding those result in new blooms. Nature is letting go every moment, leaving the old behind to give birth to new.

Not letting go is one of the biggest causes of suffering. We refuse to let go, holding on to everything, be it happiness, thrill or pain. We multiply the pain we feel by holding on to the cause of our suffering, also blocking the way for joy. Let alone suffering, even holding on to pleasure for long leads to pain. In the fear of losing we shut down doors to replenishment and new opportunities. We close doors to success holding on to our comfort zone.

We have to let go to move forward in life. Stagnant water only gives birth to mosquitoes. Bewilderment caused by a plethora of ideas that I wanted to share, led me to dive into the idea of ‘letting go’ and helped me write this piece, letting go of many ideas close to my heart.