Recently a web series titled “scam 1992 ”  (on stock market scam of 1992) is released on OTT platform sony liv. I have not seen the movie but some photos from movie along with dialogues I have came across social media.

In one of the photo (featuring 3 people) the boss is saying :- ” do you know why trust is so valuable? Because it is in great demand and always in short supply” .

Reading this I came on thought that this is a human tendency to trust on people and to take shelter (आश्रय) of other. But if we take shelter or say शरणागति of god, it is not required to take shelter of other.

Now one can say how we will progress in life without trusting/taking shelter of anyone. For that tell me in a good sleep whom shelter u are taking? Nothing!

It is of no need to left all relatives , friends , people etc. BUT always keep in your mind that “only god will help” No one else is able to help, IF HE NOT HELPS. In other words “ek ram ke sivay aur koi madad nahi kar sakta”

In a Forest a Goat lost from its herd . Here she came across that anyone will eat him if she do not think of a method to protect him .

She gone near a well and there saw a foot mark of Lion. She sat near it and when any animal came to eat her , he says ” first see I am in shelter of whom then ate me!” Seeing the Footstep of Lion everyone ran from there.

In the end the lion came there , when he saw goat there. He ask him how he survived there full day, on listening the story, lion said I will help u in going to your home. The lion ordered a elephant to put goat on his waist and drop him in village.

P.S. :- itni shakti hame dena daata , mann ka vishwaas kamzor ho na…..

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