I search for something inside

anything at all.

I find nothing

just quietness

a darkness that doesn’t scare.

There are fresh fears

but even they have chosen peace.

Not everything is alright

and that too is agreeable

like mist swallows huge mountains from end to end

this prayerful life devoures me.

It heals.

It mends.

O sweet, merciful Lord

life has little meaning

and death holds no joy

my heart a cesspool of desires once

now You alone reign.

O powerful monarch of my heart

You are the highest perfection

your voice like beautiful ragas

the sound of thunder clouds

rain upon my parched soul.

Now like a child I turn in mud

crying for your love…

What more am I really

if not a neatly swept pathway

eagerly awaiting your sculpted feet?

Where do I go looking, O lord

Where do You live?

Sometimes, it so feels

that like soft water in my eyes

You forever exist

gently gathering at the corners

rising to the brim

until finally they fall

shimmering softly as I cry

for You alone I live.

There is no greater bliss, I say

there is no greater bliss…

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