Once when I was in class 7, the teacher announced that she will make some groups, and appoint a  leader for each group and then each group will have to present a skit on some topic.

As she was choosing the leaders, I tried to hide behind my classmate but she spotted and nominated me as one of the group leaders. I was numb and shocked as I was someone who was scared to even speak in the class. I was a very shy person and never spoke to anyone. Being a leader meant we had to interact with others to discuss about the topic, which was impossible for me.

Once the groups were formed all the students came near their respective leaders. All the groups were appearing enthusiastic, except mine. I could not preserve even a scrap of confidence on my face. I was disappointed at being the leader. But at the same time I was very pleased because I was having Piku in my group; the immensely dynamic  girl of our class.

All other groups had commenced their discussion while my group was silent. Finally Piku in an offensive and harsh way said, “Come on speak. Why are you not talking? Tell us what to do.” The little confidence I had after seeing her in my group dismantled. To believe her as my support was my flaw. It did not take me long to realize that Piku will become my biggest obstacle while making this skit.

I tried to discuss but could not. Piku’s abuse was not letting me move further. I requested her, “Piku please become the leader.” But this was like asking a cat not to pounce on a mouse. She continued to speak in her aggressive and ruthless way. All the other girls also supported her.  My position had turned awkward. Now I felt it was mandatory for me to resign from the leadership and to install someone else. With no hesitation, I went to the teacher and pleaded “Teacher, please could you change the leader of our group. I don’t want to be the leader.” She was a very consistent teacher,  No.” she said

I walked back to my group. And once again I was caught by Piku’s torture. She annexed all my pleasure and started trashing me with her words. I was extremely frustrated as I was ingesting so much discrimination. Piku never liked me because I was the silent girl of the class.

Finally to put an end to all this I said, “Now let’s think of the topic for the skit” and Piku suggested “Early marriages.” I was silent again and did not know how to proceed. I just waited for the class to  get over and God listened and the bell rang. I darted to my seat and flopped down on the bench. Now her words hovered in my head. I thought I had slipped into this crisis from which I could not resign.

I wanted school to get over so I could run home. As I reached home I burst into tears telling mom the whole story. Mom knew how to console me and heal my wounded spirit. She later said, “We will work on the skit in the evening” she suggested me to see some YouTube videos regarding the topic. I saw a lot of videos, went through many articles on the net. Worked hard and made the notes. And finally I had enough material for the topic. Mom helped me to craft the skit. I decided which part of the script should be given to which person.  Mom said the main character should be given to Piku, because the script demanded so and Piku could play it very well.

Next day I showed my group the script. Piku said “What script is this; teacher will never like it.” Saddened by her words I still distributed each part to the respective students and we started to memorize our part for the short skit.

It was a small play, so we were ready to show our act to the teacher.

As we were performing; I was continuously looking at the teacher. She was watching us with a sparkle in her eyes. And a lush smile on her face. She looked extremely happy while watching our skit. We were making some mistakes, but her authentic grin was not abandoning her face.

As we finished the skit she proceeded to tell, us about the skit. “The skit was very nice and even the topic. And who is the leader of this group?” she asked. I lifted my hand and said, “Teacher, I am” she complimented me “It was a very good skit and nicely written” her words were few but enough to defeat Piku as she had predicted that teacher won’t like it. I was boosted with delight and my happiness knew no bounds. I began smiling triumphantly as teacher’s appreciation and praise gave me a thrill. As teacher commended and left I turned to look at Piku and my group; they just turned their faces and walked away quickly trying to avoid their defeat.

 In our life we will meet people who will pull us down, degrade us bother and insult us but if you pay attention to them, we will only ruin our mind and that will not allow us to focus on our objectives and plans.

However these are the same people who make our mind stronger and continuously put us in undesirable position to come out stronger than before. Only we have to find that hidden potential within us so that we can flourish. 

“God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He’s working on you, too.”— Rick Warren

Image: the-pixelman-from-pixabay.