Hey Vejay!! “” How old is you kid” asked MO

Younger one is 16 years old in his 11th and elder one is 19 in 3rd sem. of Engineering. Why do you want to know this? I was curious. Its not like MO calls me every other day, though we do have distant bro-sis relationship.

Since we at ashram are looking for kids who can do some painting or story or anything creative with Shiva as a theme which will be featured at os.me on Mahashivratri, I thought your kids are young enough to participate.” replied a little dejected, a little relived MO.

oh wait….. for all of you are wondering about MO…..  MO our loving, smiling, adherent devotee of swamiji, is MeeraOm . oh!! MO is also mirror image of OM . …. is it a mere coincidence…

We spoke for a while and what remained of that conversation with me was , Creative, Shiva , Mahashvratri…. Same day, my friend Bhuvan forwarded me a teaser of his song recording on Shiva. He is a fun loving, easy going , die hard Jagajit Singh fan who is good with three things, mimicry, singing and labelling people in the most creative fashion ( more on that later ). He and the lyricist Swaraangi Sane had already recorded a song on shiva which is a complaint and prayer to Shiva  

O’ Neelkanth!
The world may be harsh, but you are compassionate. You cannot be so rude that even do not even look once..
This is a request to Shiva who has the ability to free others from the snare.
Shiva is the only incumbent, whose desire for shelter is this solicitation – O’ Neelkanth!

हे! नीलकंठ
संसार कठोर हो सकता है पर तुम तो करुणाकर हो। तुम इतने निष्ठुर नहीं हो सकते कि एक बार देखो भी नहीं।
यह गुहार है उस शिव से जो पाशों से मुक्त कर सकने का सामर्थ्य रखते हैं। शिव एकमात्र अवलंबन है, जिसका आश्रय पाने की यह चाह, यह याचना है- हे नीलकंठ!

This is their humble efforts of many many days

नीलकंठ नीलेश्वर, पी गए हलाहल
निर्विकल्प जटाधर, अकथ हो सरल
हे सर्वेश्वर सकल ॥1॥

गहराती पीर और नयन हुए सजल
देख भी लो करुणाकर, द्रवित हूँ अविकल
हे सर्वेश्वर सकल ॥2॥

चारों ओर कंकर, झाड़ और झंखड़
जीवन बना है रण, संग्राम या समर्पण
उफ़ान पर गरल, नहीं हो रहा सहन
कितना है कोलाहल, मुक्त कर दो शंकर
हे सर्वेश्वर सकल ॥3॥

And a new one is in the making for this Shivratri