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In our region and social circles 30 years is physiological number before which boys needs to get married otherwise common gossip is vah 30 saal ka ho gaya, phir bhee usane shaadee nahin kee kya nuksh  hai (he is 30 still not married what is the issue or is he normal) and traditionally marriages are done (it is believed need to be done ) with horoscope matching.

A boy 🤦‍♂️about 29 was coming off age for marriage and the rush to get a suitable match was obvious; resume was floating everywhere in the matrimonial sites and local match making shops/bureau, with relatives etc.
But it seems tide was flowing other side, first horoscope thing was not matching easily and when it clicked with very few, numerous other reasons came in the way, finally three  families had no objections and then ——————— they 🤷‍♀️ said no to him one by one.  
One of the girl was elder of three sisters and had chosen someone but still under her family’s pressure was silent. 2nd girl meet the boy but refused to move from a big city to a small town (where the boy lived) and for third one here it goes.

After usual tense first meeting in restaurant with folks around the boy and girl said bingo. At boy’s home some peace prevailed, at last he may get a chance before 30.  Idea was pat mangni and chat vivah (fast engagement and immediate marriage)
Couple of days later girl’s father made a plan to visit boy’s home for further planning on the ceremonies. He was walking small distance on narrow path towards his parked vehicle (hilly region towns don’t have parking luxury next to house for all).
He had not walked much when a snake came in from nowhere through the bushes and his left feet landed close to it, the creature kind of wrapped around the shoe/left leg, he quickly gave a jerky moment and threw it away (The path was not known to have been frequented by the snakes).  He straight away turned back, it was a bad omen for him that has happened while on way to a pious work. So that was end of story for number 3.

Meanwhile boy  left the town next day after that meeting for his friend’s wedding, although there also he didn’t had great luck and limped in whole marriage after twisting his left foot badly after a fall. Days passed on, boy left town for his job on ship.

Finally it happened, Month or so later one Gentleman called the boy’s father after getting mobile number form the local marriage bureau office , phone conversation started and the  details of family , village etc exchanged.  They also appeared to be running around for quick match. Match making done basis, you know it and it was a fairly good match (that too manglik boy with a non manglik girl, yes it does happens).

Girl along with the family made a visit to boy’s hometown, meet all the family, saw boy’s video/photo album (thorough checking) and it was locked. Both families in rush; marriage date finalized in a short span. Boy and girl little anxious as have never meet before and all fixed😳😰 (in a year 2007). Fast forward boy came back from job, meet the girl and married two month’s later.

After marriage boy came to know that girl is ardent devotee of lord Shiva.

When she had told the his name to her close friend (very pious soul) she immediately said yes, this is the guy with much confidence.

Not very long before girl had dream of in law house having small temple ahead and river behind, (Boy’s house had a similar settings).

I still wonder why snake came in the way and a handsome 😎(okay let say average looking) man was being rejected by the girls frequently.

Was the match already made and circumstances adjusted for that to happen.

Does nature work silently and we don’t come to know until and unless that subtle experiences are noticed.  May be monitoring of universe is being done with minute details only if we allow ourselves to go with the flow and keep faith. 

Strange is when you visit a renounced Nadi shastra expert in Southern Eastern part of the country or a well known pandit in the your region ; both says you were husband wife last birth also. But don’t believe this all.

Just a note – since February 2019, after that Divine hand was place on my head 🙇‍♂️, I don’t follow horoscope and done with it.