I don’t know why she is not leaving my house. Sonia is here since 4 hours. She wasted my Sunday today. Thoughts are running in my head, but I have no guts to tell her all about her. Sonia is my neighbor.

She visits will whenever she fights with her husband or mother-in-law. I listen to her only. But today, I wanted to chill alone. I was not in the mood to hear her stories. Ok, I am leaving in 5 minutes, she said. Oh, wow, i said in my head.

Finally. I started planning the rest of the day. So, she requested some wine. Oh, I had only one bottle, and I wanted to enjoy that. But I wanted her to leave. So, I don’t care. She carried a bottle and left. Thank god !! Now I can watch my favorite movie.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image credit: Dreamstine.com